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Coaching can help you:
O Build your confidence
O Unlock your potential
O Develp greater intimacy with God
O Take practical steps toward your goal
O Overcome fear, anxiety, or stress
O Discover your passion and life purpose
O Discover your personal ministry
O Discipline your Christian walk
O Achieving a joy-filled Christian life
Wondering if coaching is for you?
Do the following describe you?
O Lack of vision
O Desire motivation
O Difficulty focusing on goals
O Living life without passion
O Overwhelmed by everyday life
O Seeking life purpose
O Searching the meaning of life in Christ
O Stuck in an unproductive cycle
O Want to know God-given spiritual gift
As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.
(Ephesians 4:1)
If any of these describe you, coaching can benefit you! Let's discover God's will for your life. Christian Life Coaching can help you in achieving a balanced spiritual walk with God, well disciplined devotional life, discovering personal ministry that lasts a lifetime, God-given calling and life purpose for your life, and ultimately, destiny fulfillment!
Mission Statement

Shine Morrison Ministries is committed to helping believers to discover their God-given life purpose, ministry calling and achieving a joy-filled Christian life by coaching them with biblical truth based on the scriptures and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Here's what others are saying about my coaching:

Shine is a wonderful coach and a true woman of God! What a privilege it is to have her as a coach. I am truly grateful she cared enough to communicate with me. Shine truly has a listening heart. She has helped me seek goals, and has helped me create a structure in my spiritual life. She has given me words of wisdom. I have been so excited for the next steps in my journey! My experience in my coaching sessions have been spiritual and life changing for me. It has been a remarkable experience. I have seen a lot of change in myself, my life and my relationship with the Holy Spirit. This journey has been amazing!
- Kimberly H. -

I love this coach because she has encouraged me and lift me up! One of the things that I love about her is that she lets God use her. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't in this program. It's a great opportunity to feel challenged and feel like you can pursue God's calling in your life! I have been inspired by her and I believe that she is the "bestest" coach ever besides she is rooting for me when I don't feel like I have strength or I feel shy she pushes. I highly recommend her! Yes, I do I want people to know that if you are battling some kind of struggle or anything that stops you from achieving your goals in life or in ministry I will so highly recommend my coach! She is such an amazing person! I love working with her. I am seeing how God is working in her life as well as mine! God is simply amazing!
- Zelfa P. -

It is a great place to allow the Holy spirit to use a yielded heart to help others allow the Holy spirit to pull out and reveal calling and purpose! The coaching has been very fruitful and helped me get to a deeper root in things. I got a lot out of these sessions that will be of great benefit in the future!
- Katherine O. -

Shine has poured an amazing amount of time into encouraging me. When I wanted to give up she stood beside me and coached me to remain faithful and true. Without Shine, I would have quit on multiple occasions over the last few months. When I was discouraged she pointed me in new directions. What began as an experiment to see what life coaching was all about has become a fruitful ministry of feeding the homeless and hungry in our small community with a vision of love and growth. You rock Shine. This Life Coaching comes natural to you. Thank you for pouring yourself into me. I have changed because of it.I love you, Shine.

- Barb B. -
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